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Welcome to Automated Crypto Trading

Menchor is the world’s first automated crypto trading platform. We make it possible for casual crypto followers to profit from the same bold moves as the pros.

We make the right moves
Based in the UK, our traders operate on a global scale to conduct the most astute deals.

A unique opportunity to benefit from the biggest trades and discover just how profitable crypto can be. Deposit as much as you wish and win as big as it gets. Enjoy scalable contribution benefits, potent Affiliate programs, and the chance to learn from crypto’s most attuned traders and analysts.

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Outsized Returns

Engage in the biggest crypto trades under the guidance of our professional team.

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Simple Fund Management

We offer a versatile range of payment formats whether depositing funds or removing your rewards.

Investment Portfolio 
Safe and Secure

We ensure your total data safety with state-of-the-art encryption and 24/7 security monitoring.

Terms of Service 

We take the right risks. We make the right moves.
You reap the rewards.



  • Daily Interest :3.6%
  • Min Deposit :0.001 BTC
  • Max Deposit :0.99999999 BTC


  • Daily Interest :4.2%
  • Min Deposit :1 BTC
  • Max Deposit :4.99999999 BTC


  • Daily Interest :4.8%
  • Min Deposit :5 BTC
  • Max Deposit :No Limit
Menchor Affiliate Programs

We push the potential of your rewards as far as they will go with our Affiliate Program opportunities. Every Menchor user benefits from our base Affiliate Program. As well as hourly interest and other rewards, you enjoy 2% return on all deposits you atract. Those wanting more can join our Representatives Program. Learn More





More Great Features

At Menchor we welcome users with any level of crypto trading knowledge. Whether a tested expert who wishes for a new lucrative revenue stream, or a complete newbie with no technical or financial knowledge yet the inspiration to win big – we welcome you to our community.

We bring you the opportunity to play a part in the highest level of crypto trading without spending years tacking mountains of technical knowledge. Learn as much as you wish – but win as much as possible with the intuitive guidance of our leading traders.

About Us
  • Instant Fund Transfers

    No more waiting around for your funds to transfer or playing guesswork when it comes to fees.

  • Constant Progression

    Continuous interest throughout every hour of every day of their one year length.

  • Dynamic Contracts

    Enjoy total freedom to exit your trading contract any time you wish for a simple and low 5% fee.

  • Friendly Support

    Available 24/7 via phone, email and live chat to provide direct, friendly support, no matter what’s up.

  • Professional Trading Team

    Our traders and market analysts are masters at their game. Your profits are our priority.

  • 24/7 Market Immersion

    Our traders operate on a global scale to conduct the most astute deals.

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The Incredible Potential

The creation of crypto and blockchain tech will go down as one of the modern world’s most pivotal moments. One of the most powerful industries in history, we firmly believe that crypto is of incredible benefit to all. From small-scale projects to inspiring humanitarian agendas, there is nothing crypto cannot do.