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World’s very first automated crypto trading

We are proud to present Menchor as the world’s very first automated crypto trading opportunity and portal to profits for all levels of trader. Menchor is the product of a simple, bright idea had in 2017 by CEO Landon Burns. Since then, the process to launch has been swift and thrilling.

We may offer a service that’s automated but we aren’t robots. We’re real people just like you – our group is compiled of the industry’s most attuned, most aware traders and your returns are our prerogative.

Investment Offer   
Constant Progression

Our trading contracts provide continuous interest throughout every hour of every day of their one year length.

Collect interest instantly

No more waiting around for your funds to transfer or playing guesswork when it comes to fees. Collect your interest instantly for free.

Dynamic Contracts

Enjoy total freedom to exit your trading contract any time you wish for a simple and low 5% fee.

  • 24/7 Support

    We provide 24/7 support via telephone, email and live chat to help you out with absolutely any problem.

  • Trading Made Simple

    It has never been so simple to enter the exciting world of crypto trading.

  • Diverse Portfolio

    We accept many currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, BitCoin Cash, Doge and Dash.

  • No hidden fees or schemes.

    We are simply sharing the limitless rewards of crypto trading with everyone who’s interested!

Sky's the limit

Based in the UK, our traders operate on a global scale to conduct the most astute deals. Menchor is the world’s first automated crypto trading platform. We provide a crypto trading opportunity for people who don’t have the knowledge or resources to confidently trade crypto independently. We have built an infrastructure where everyone can participate and benefit from crypto trading.

Menchor makes it possible for the casual crypto follower to profit from the same bold moves as the pros. Users are free to invest as much as they wish with rewards proportionate to the amount invested. All users enjoy fixed interest hourly as well as contribution rewards, and unlock further reward potential from a pair of Affiliate programs.

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Withdraw interest instantly

Withdraw your interest to your external wallet without any fees instantly from your account balance.

Constant progression

Our trading contracts provide you with constant interest throughout every hour and day of the week for a period of one year.

Dynamic contract

Exit your trading contract at any given time before the period of one year, with as little as a 5% fee.

Safe and secure

Your personal information is secured and encrypted with state-of-the-art security measures 24 hours a day.

Friendly support

Live support available through 3 different channels: phone, email, and live chat. Contact us 24 hours a day and you will be assisted.

Accessible any time

We ensure DDOS cloud mitigation services for you to access and use our platform any time, without any delays.

First automated crypto trading

We make it possible for casual crypto followers to profit from the same bold moves as the pros.

Professional Trading Team

Our traders and market analysts are masters at their game. Your profits are our priority.

Simple Fund Management

We offer a versatile range of payment formats whether depositing funds or removing your rewards.


Landon Burns

Leading mind behind Menchor’s every major move. Responsible for managing company resources and opportunities to expand global operations.

Jason Nesh

Sharing Menchor’s unique offering and every development. Communicating with a multichannel news network to reach an ever-growing global audience.

Head of Public Relations
Barbara R. Rodriguez

Guiding force behind each key internal and external informational system. Supports the central infrastructure of Menchor’s forefront provision.

Anthony Castiglia

Key manager of Menchor’s every technological output and need. Oversees all aspects of research and development in furthering company function.