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Limitless Rewards

Every Menchor user benefits from our base Affiliate Program. We offer two highly rewarding Affiliate program levels to benefit every Menchor user. Here’s how they work and bring you limitless returns on your referral contribution. If your referrals contributes 100 BTC, you will immediately receive 2 BTC free and 5 BTC in case of representative. It couldn't be simpler.





Free for everyone

Active deposit is not needed for you to earn referral commission.

Instant Commission

Commission is instantly applied to your account balance

Passive Income

Earn cryptocurrency from every referral contribution

Join our team

Promote the Menchor platform on a regional or global scale.

How to apply for a Representatives status?

Email to us at explaining how your past experience and current roles might be used to promote the Menchor platform on a regional or global scale. 

Make sure your application letter includes your full name, Menchor username, and country. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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We provide a crypto trading opportunity for people who don’t have the knowledge or resources to confidently trade crypto independently. We have built an infrastructure where everyone can participate and benefit from crypto trading.

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