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May-9-2018 06:59:05 PM
Our Telegram group is now open!

Wherever you are, we hope you're enjoying the automated crypto trading experience of Menchor as much as we love bringing it to our global users.

Now, let us ask you this. When you're playing, do you find yourself wishing for a place where you can meet and network with like-minded individuals? A forum of sorts where you can swap hot tips as you better both your game, as well as those of others?

You may well have, as we've received hundreds of requests asking if there is such a thing. Well, wonder no more, our budding traders.

We are delighted to present to you: the Menchor Telegram group! - Your new, simple, instant hotspot for easy connections with anyone across the Menchor network.

Engage in live discussions with both fellow traders and members of Menchor's master trading squad. Learn of the biggest upcoming trades and how to maximise your rewards. Reach our friendly support and ask any questions you may have of our moderators.

And of course, let us know your thoughts on any absolutely any way we might improve the Menchor experience.

We’re pleased to see member numbers are tallying up already and we can't wait to welcome you. The Menchor Telegram group will be a source for the latest Menchor announcements as well as host of exclusive opportunities available only to those who are members.

So, what are you waiting for? Signing up is free and fast – download the Telegram Messenger app at the Apple and Google Play app stores and we’ll see you over there soon.

Until next time, happy trading.

May-2-2018 04:03:16 PM
Deposit Delay Now Fixed! More Details Inside.

We hope this message finds you well, wherever in the world you are.

Some of you have gotten in touch to let us know that there was a problem with the speed of our platform receiving your Bitcoin deposits. There were delays that caused your deposits to take up to 4 hours for confirmation.

Obviously, this is way too long. Our top techies looked into the situation and we're pleased to let you know that order has been restored.

Please proceed to make your Bitcoin deposits in full confidence. Your deposit will be added and eligible for interest after it receives just 1 confirmation on network, which takes less than 15 minutes on average. Back to business!

Thanks for your time, that's all for now.

Until then, we hope you continue to enjoy your Menchor trading experience.

Apr-30-2018 12:00:00 AM
Menchor is Here!

After one bright idea and many months of focused development, Menchor is proud to open our doors and invite the world to stop by.

In a nutshell, Menchor is a unique automated crypto trading opportunity open to absolutely anyone – from those with a casual crypto interest to anyone at any level of trading competency. Whether it’s your one involvement in the world of crypto trading or an additional form of income, Menchor welcomes you.

Menchor’s expert crypto trader and master market analysts are tapped into the market 24/7, making the right moves and taking the right risks to achieve the biggest profits for our community.

It’s automated but we aren’t robots. We’re real people just like you – only our group is compiled of the industry’s most attuned, most aware traders. 

As well as rewards proportionate to the investment you make and the accuracy of our pro moves, Menchor users enjoy a fixed interest rate added to their investment every hour of every day!

We’re not all computer whizzes, but we all like to win big! Menchor is your portal to crypto profits.

We take the right risks. We make the right moves. You reap the rewards.

This is the start of a thrilling new journey – we look forward to welcoming you aboard.

A big thanks from everyone at Menchor!